Probate Guidance

As a Probate Attorney in Cincinnati, Elliott Stapleton helps families with the process of transferring assets to the next generation. Elliott has experience with the administration of a Will, Trust, Beneficiary Designation, and Transfer-on-Death Deed. He also helps families through Probate when a family member dies without a Will.

Ohio Probate Process

Probate Attorney Cincinnati

Probate Administration in Cincinnati

Elliott works with Probate Administration in Hamilton County Probate Court, Butler County Probate Court, Warren County Probate Court and Clermont County Probate Court.

Representation includes Full Estate Administration, Relief from Administration, Summary Release from Administration, and Insolvent Estate Administration. This includes acting as local Probate counsel for beneficiaries and families outside of Cincinnati.

What is Probate?

Probate is the process of transferring assets from one generation to the next. This legal process includes collecting all of the assets, satisfying creditors (including estate taxes), and paying expenses (which includes court costs, filing fees, and attorneys’ fees) before distributing the assets to beneficiaries.

There are guidelines which must be followed in the Probate process. It is best to use a Probate Attorney in Cincinnati to ensure your interests are protected.

How are Probate Expenses Paid?

Probate expenses are paid out of the assets of the Estate. This includes court costs, filing fees, attorney’s fees, estate taxes, creditor claims. If the assets in the estate are less than the debts (meaning an insolvent estate) the beneficiaries are not responsible for the difference unless the Probate estate is properly managed.

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